Maria Callas and Werner Schroeter

Magdalena Montezuma in "The Death of Maria Malibran."

Magdalena Montezuma in The Death of Maria Malibran. Image courtesy of EYE Film Institute, Netherlands.

Yes, an actual blog post!

Let me tell you guys some of what’s happening in my mad little world. As I think you know, I recently started writing for Capital New York, a swell publication that publishes bigger-than-bite-sized articles. So far, I have written for them pieces about Cyrille Aimée, Verdi and Manzoni, and Don Giovanni and Ghosts of Versailles.

Because these articles are about twice as long as the longest ones I’m used to writing, I go berserk and do enough research for a dissertation. Really. Today I filed a piece about the Museum of Modern Art’s upcoming Werner Schroeter retrospective, and when I began working on it, I genuinely believed that it would be possible and necessary for me to discuss Walter Benjamin’s theory of allegory at some length.

* head to desk *

I also reviewed Britten’s Billy Budd at the Met for The Classical Review.

Anyhow, Werner Schroeter: HUGE Callas queen. Since he worked outside of studio and institutional systems for much of his career, very few of his films have been distributed in the States, and only one is available to be viewed at the New York Public Library, which has fairly impressive film holdings.

I will post my CNY article when it runs (probably Friday), report on the most interesting Schroeter films as I see them, and start posting a little more regularly in general.

And how are you dear hearts?


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